#228 Sneakers Pantyhose Shoeplay

My wishes have been heard, I was on fire!

7_xIt was a lazy sunday afternoon. I was walking down the street, a little bit tired of the hours I was on my way, when I suddenly discovered some slightly dirty cotton pantyhose feet playing with black sneakers.

bSeconds count: I was rushing, starting my cam, running to the place, scanning for a good place and then – feet in shoes again. Damn! My first thought was “Ok, what a pity, this could have been wonderful”, but I sat down anyway and let the cam run.

I got a place on the edge of a flower bucket, regardless of hindering the people walking by. Normally the chance is almost zero when a girl steps back in her shoes, that she comes out of it again.

But to my surprise she did! And oh boy, how she did :D

8b   e3

The young girl made a wonderful dipping and heelpopping show. Crossed her ankles, wrinkled her toes and fiddled with her no-name sneakers. Then she put them on completely, just to leave them again. And again. And again… Awesome.


This is the kind of shoeplay we all hope to see from girls with sneakers, I guess. In fact and in reality this is quite rare. And this time I was so lucky to witness this and capture it for us.

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These are wonderful 16+ minutes of a young girl and her gorgeous shoeplay. If you like cotton pantyhose, you will love it, enjoy!

download the clip