#112 Bus Stop

From dusk till bus

I stumbled upon this girl while walking to my post office box in the evening.

caShe was sitting there on a bench and played with her white flats. Gladly I had my cams with me, so I didn’t think twice and began to capture. Although it got dark outside, my cams did a wonderful job in lowlight.

2aI even had the balls to place a GoPro right behind her at her feet, so I could walk around and get some awesome close-up shoots with the cam in my hand. To be honest, I felt a bit guilty, because she didn’t notice anything at all. The girl was sunken in her phone.

After a short while a mom with her kid came and the situation got critical: Will they discover my cams? And see what I was doing there? No, they didn’t.

3   5

6   aa

The girl was playing with her flats beautifully. She had bare feet and dropped her shoes several times. You can even see her soft and obviously warm soles.

I managed to get some spectacular sights from every angle until the bus came. She walked right in and that’s it. Beautiful 7 minutes with an astonishing shoeplay!

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