#159 Get A Sniff

Socked feet waving to you

Two pretty girls lay on the lawn and were airing out their hot soles.

faI guess I have to do this every spring: Capture a nice sock scene in the sun. This is a shoeplay site, but there are many of us who like to watch socked soles from pretty girls, so here is version 2016.

1aTwo young 18y old teens, they were Italian most probably, rested on the lawn at the river. Both were brunette, one had white socks and the other black socks on. You can clearly see that those socks weren’t the freshest anymore.

The white socks girl lay on her belly the whole time and wiggled with her feet pretty much. Sometimes she crossed her ankles, another time she threw her legs in the air and rubbed her feet together.


I didn’t focus that much on the black socks girl, because it is rather difficult to capture black socks in direct sunglight. There are some toe wiggling scenes of her though.

5   d

This clip was captured with two cameras at once and I got an astonishing detailed view of the sock stitches of both girls. I was very glad that this went so well, as I almost couldn’t see anything at the display due to the sun.

aaa   8a

If you love socked soles you will love the 7+ minutes of those two cute girls.

download the clip