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#232 Glittery Feet

Barefoot in plastic sandals with plush These shoes have a real top phase in Germany since last year. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but the man who thought “Hey, let’s glue some plush on cheap plastic sandals and sell them as the new shit” must be very rich now.


#223 Adidas Sandals Voyeurism

Sometimes the clichés simply fit Before I’ll tell the story: This is not a shoeplay clip in the common sense, rather a product of voyeurism and lewdness. Now that the facts are clear, I should mention that I have a strange passion for those plastic Adidas sandals in every fashion. Gladly they became fame in […]


#130 Sweet Toe Play

Cherry on ice A blonde in her late 20ies with elegant sandals caught my attention. To be honest, I am not so much the barefoot and sandals fan. Personally I prefer the hidden things, which stimulate my fantasy, but this blond girl was nice to watch.


#127 Hot Ankle Socks

34° C It was so warm that I hardly understand, why girls wear socks in flats. No joke, it was 34° outside and I even considered staying under my ceiling ventilator. Glad I did not, because I discovered white ankle socks in white flats. Rather I saw the heels as the girl played with her […]