#19 Dirty Heelpop Chucks

Shopping makes the socks rather dirty

Sometimes you’ll get the best clips when you just relax. A young girl with fake Converse Chucks and the rest of her family decided to take a rest next to me.

3bThis was hard to take for me. Mother and father, two sisters and a brother jumped around the table. They couldn’t quite decide where to sit, but luckily the oldest of them sat down right beside my camera. Well done, girl.

1bAll of them ate cake, drank cold drinks and the girl began to play with her mobile phone. This was the beginning of an exciting show full of heelpopping her dirty white socks out of the Chucks. She was shaking her feet nervously, rested some time, just to start again and crossed her ankles and moved her toes around in her shoes. As a plus you’ll see her sister walking around the table, she was barefoot in white sandals. Mother had a nice tattoo, just to mention.
Enjoy the whole story of 26+ minutes with a thrilling happy end for your fantasy, this girl rocks her socks.
Aaahh, almost forgotten: One time the girl crashed into my camera, my heart stood still for a moment, but she just apologized… :D

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