List of Clips 200-now

  • #200 Anniversary Nylons Vol. 2

    Number 200

    I like large full numbers, this is a reason to celebrate again!

    3_cIt was a no brainer for me that this clip would be a compilation again. Although I had several ideas for special collections, I wanted this to be a nylon clip again. In my database I have so many short clips which are too good to throw away.

  • #201 Stinky Socks & Crocs


    Not only I’m a big fan of dirty and worn out stinky socks, I’d die for it.

    8_xMeanwhile I know that there aren’t as much dirty socks lovers outside as me. Most of you prefer nylon socks and pantyhose with pretty feet. Then see this clip as a niche for the special ones, the good ones, the olfactory ones.

  • #202 Dirty Soles

    Just lick

    Imagine you’re rubbing those bare feet with your watered tongue.

    e_xOne of those days again when I wasn’t expecting that much. I was sitting around, checking my mobile phone and accidentally discovered those two young ladies. One german, the other turkish. The german was wearing red sandals and the turkish lady had nothing at her feet because she was dipping and playing with her flats-style shoes.

  • #203 Cinderella Vans

    Barefoot dipping

    You won’t believe, what happens at the end of this clip!

    9a_xGranted, this is clickbaiting. But as you can guess from the title, the final part of the clip has something to do with Cinderella. She lost her shoes and the prince was trying to find the right one for the princess.

  • #204 Yummy Nylons

    No foot title

    No nylon headline

    4xI’m just kidding, mates. My head is filled with cotton wool and my nose is hurting, glad I can see through my eyes again. Late November and everyone around me is sneezing and snorting. I couldn’t even smell those gorgeous feet in the clip if I had the chance to.

  • #205 Birkenstock Dangling FTW

    Happy new year, dear foot mates!

    7_xSo, it has been a long time since the last clip. Thank you all for your messages and mails during that time, I hope you had a merry christmas and a good turn of the year. And no, my websites aren’t going to die, as someone in the shoutbox assumed. I’m full of energy and I’m very looking forward to the coming spring season.

  • #206 Thrilling Barefoot Play

    This girl gave me chills

    5c_xIt was one of those days in late summer. Warm outside, sun was shining and I walked my route through the town. Eventually I discovered a bright orange top which belonged to a pretty girl in her 20ies.

  • #207 Nylons In Pumps

    She reminded me of the overly attached girlfriend

    6_xI’m quite sure that you all know about Laina and her performance at Youtube some time ago. The meme spread all around the world and unlike others, Laina is very pretty at all and got a large fan community.

  • #208 Romanian Dipping

    I have a strange passion for those girls

    8_xWhenever I go outside and discover great shoeplay, it is mostly from Turkish, Russian or East European girls, don’t know why. Maybe it is the town I’m living in or the quarters I visit frequently, but this obsesses me. And I’m happy about it.

  • #209 Mustang Chucks

    If there aren’t original Converse, we’ll take Mustang’s instead

    8_xIt was a warm day outside, short before a beginning thunderstorm. I was sitting at a café and wanted to leave, until this couple came to the table beside me. Ok, then let’s wait.

  • #210 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 3

    A risky business

    Now we can call this a series I guess. This time I captured 24 girls and women in different shoe stores.

    1b_xI’ve said it before, many times. Capturing girls is one thing, especially when you don’t want to be screwed. But recording with hidden cams in a shoe store is a whole next level.

  • #211 Twisted Nylons

    I’ve never seen this before

    2_xQuite amusing and I thought I didn’t see it right in the first place, but this pretty blond girl had her extremely trashed nylon socks twisted under her sole.

  • #212 Puma Heels

    Mostly a still image

    8_xThis year is difficult to capture good shoeplay videos. If you are into Birkenstock play, you will probably be in heaven right now, because almost every second girl is wearing them. The other half is wearing all sorts of sneakers and the thing is: There is hardly any shoeplay.

  • #213 Double Dangling

    You wanted those shoes, now you’ll get them twice

    3_xThis year is a Birkenstock year. In Germany they are the most worn shoes these days. A bit unlucky for me, because I’m not a great fan of these, but ok, you decide! I spotted these very pretty two young girls outside sitting on a bench.

  • #214 Turkish Mommy

    Awesome shoeplay as f*ck

    1_xI was riding my board on the way back home. While driving I always have an eye at the places on the sidewalk. You guessed it, I spotted a turkish lady with her white mules.

  • #215 Daughter’s Dip

    Mommy and Kiddie together

    2_xWow, this was insane. From far away I saw the teen girl playing with her socked feet and her sneakers, so I instantly started recording in a mad rush. White worn socks are my paradise, you know it already.

  • #216 Shoeplay Business

    Young Asian girl in nylon pantyhose and Puma flats

    4b_xI was sitting on a bench, resting from my longboard tour. During recording another girl, I discovered a group of business people at the side. Don’t know the specific country, but they were Asians. All men dressed in black suits and there was only one girl with them.

  • #217 Minnie Mouse On Dope

    Exceptional barefoot soles shoeplay

    ga_xDo you know the meme song “Jizz in my pants” from 2009? Then you may know how I felt when I recorded this clip. It was awesome! A young lady sitting with her friends at a table, dressed with a Minnie Mouse costume and heavenly trashed old red flats.

  • #218 Superstars

    This is for hardcore Adidas lovers only

    1a_xI just thought that I began almost every text in the last weeks with an annoyed undertone. Mostly because I am not satisfied with the results in this year. I found almost no sneakers play, hardly flats, just Birkenstocks and sandals. Maybe I should do another site with bs-feet?

  • #219 Graceland Gizeh Girl

    Recording with pigeon poop on my shoulder!

    1_xReally guys, I don’t know what is more ugly: Walking into a pile of dog poop and scratch this mess out of your profile, or sitting outside with a shitload of pigeon poop on your shoulder, your T-Shirt and your blue jeans. But let me start from the beginning.

  • #220 Converse Socks Girl

    Sneakers, dirty socks and soles exposed – a thriller!

    7_xSometimes I’m joking with my friends that I’d go either to hell or in jail some day. When I recap this recording, I tend to the latter. It was very warm this day and I walked around a lot without much results. I was thinking of a rest when I suddenly stumbled upon some socked soles.

  • #221 Ballerina Sisters

    Not only one flats girl, you’ll get two at once

    9_xIt was one of those days. I felt it was the last day of summer, warm outside, short before evening and the weather forecast predicted autumn for the following days. On my way home I decided to stop at a fast food restaurant and drink a last summer coffee.

  • #222 Smudgy McDonald’s Feet

    Mommy with dirty feet, daughter with some shoeplay

    8a2_xIn my disctrict there was a street festival with many people outside. The weather was bright and very warm and I was strolling around in hope to get some good shoeplay. When I got inside a McDonald’s to buy a coffee, I discovered dirty old flats from a chubby mommy.

  • #223 Adidas Sandals Voyeurism

    Sometimes the clichés simply fit

    d_xBefore I’ll tell the story: This is not a shoeplay clip in the common sense, rather a product of voyeurism and lewdness.
    Now that the facts are clear, I should mention that I have a strange passion for those plastic Adidas sandals in every fashion. Gladly they became fame in Germany this year.

  • #224 Summer Sneakers

    Remember the good days when it was hot outside

    8_xHappy new year mates! Many parts of Germany are covered in snow, it is cold, wet, grey skies. Just the right time to dream about the summer and the feet we all love.

  • #225 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 4

    I’m all about the socks, ’bout the socks, nanana…

    bd2_xThere isn’t any reference to Meghan Trainor in this clip, but I had that song in mind while cutting, so excuse this lame and incoherent intro, mates.

  • #226 Ballerina Toeplay

    Nylon Pantyhose on a tall (hot) blonde

    7_xDo you know the documentary talhotblond? It just came to my mind when writing the headline. No, this clip doesn’t have any references to it. This is something completely different for sure.

  • #227 Wiggling School Girls

    Not one, not two, no… Five!

    1_xSometimes the good things simply happen by chance. I was sitting outside in front of a church, resting from a longboard ride and watching the people walking by. Then a group of five school girls came and sat down at a table from a nearby ice cream café.

  • #228 Sneakers Pantyhose Shoeplay

    My wishes have been heard, I was on fire!

    7_xIt was a lazy sunday afternoon. I was walking down the street, a little bit tired of the hours I was on my way, when I suddenly discovered some slightly dirty cotton pantyhose feet playing with black sneakers.

  • #229 Skilled Toe Rubbing

    Just move on…

    9_xThis pause came quite unexpected for me. As you may have noticed, there was some serious stuff going on at fussphantasie, so I decided to halt publishing new clips for a while. Didn’t want to call for the devil.

  • #230 Barefoot Nike’s Dip

    An awesome skilled mature shoeplay

    4_xWhen it’s warm outside, I’m quite often visiting our river which divides the town in two halves. There is a large area with green grass, some sidewalks to roam around, a sandy beach and a gorgeous view to our famous Dome.

  • #231 Hilfiger Flats

    Nylon pantyhose in flats, a very good combination

    8_xI was walking by this café and had a destination in mind where I wanted to go. Suddenly I glanced a bit of nylon dipping in flats and I stopped immediately. It was a pretty blond haired girl with a tan coloured pantyhose and black flats.

  • #232 Glittery Feet

    Barefoot in plastic sandals with plush

    1a_xThese shoes have a real top phase in Germany since last year. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but the man who thought “Hey, let’s glue some plush on cheap plastic sandals and sell them as the new shit” must be very rich now.

  • #233 Ebony Teen Feet

    Finally I got a good clip in the subway!

    7_xI was often wondering how other guys captured shoeplay in subways or trains. For years I’m riding trams but I never saw a good situation which was worth capturing. Yes, maybe a shoe dropped off or such, but a real shoeplay? Perhaps I just hadn’t enough luck?

  • #234 Tamara – Part 1

    Wonderful sneaker shoeplay with socks

    s1_xBefore I go into detail, I have to tell a short story. In my hometown there are certain places, where  some kinds of people meet almost every day. Their origin is mostly from the same country, for example Russians or Romanians.

  • #235 Tamara – Part 2

    Fake Birkenstock shoes with dirty ankle socks

    2_xThis is the second episode of Tamara, who I got to know some time ago. In this clip you will see endless toe scrunching and rubbing with well worn socks with a dirty footprint on the sole.

  • #236 Wonderwaffel Flats

    Best things happen when you don’t think about it

    3a_xSure, I have always a camera with me when I go outside, but I didn’t expect such a wonderful barefoot flats shoeplay on this rainy day.

  • #237 Dangling At Night

    Super dope dangling skills with Birkenstock sandals

    1_xAt first a happy new year mates! Initially I wanted to publish this clip a little bit earlier, but I spent the last three weeks with things I procrastinated for at least 2 years.

  • #238 Socks And Sandals

    Not quite the german stereotype, but a joy to watch

    9a_xYou all know about the jokes with german guys who are wearing sandals and socks in the summer. But the trend in the last years was that many girls had bath sandals with plush and many of them white ankle socks also in combination.

  • #239 Worn Out Socks

    Pretty combination of old sweaty socks with Keds

    e_xWhile I was working at this clip, I’ve answered a question via mail, which some people ask over and over again: What camera do you use and which of xyz mini cams would you recommend?

  • #240 Mature Birkenstocks

    I’m back in business, but read on please!

    6a_xHey mates, this was a long pause, I know. Maybe some of you have read my posting at fussphantasie regarding this whole Corona mess. If not, it is worth reading as this text is still valid.

  • #241 Teenage Kicks

    A sister is annoying her brother with her naked feet

    3_xI have already written sometimes that I would have liked having a sister in my younger years. Regarding my passion it is irrelevant if she was younger or older, essentially a sister.

  • #242 Adidas Playground Love

    A tremendous and skilled dangling show

    7b_xDo you know the movie “The Virgin Suicides” from the year 1999 with the young Kirsten Dunst? The french electronic music group AIR did the soundtrack and there was this one song called “Playground Love”.

  • #243 The Pantyhose Pigeon Trauma

    Converse Chucks with a tan colored pantyhose!

    e_xI don’t know if I should feel lucky or pissed. Remember, this year it is difficult enough to capture shoeplay from a good point of view. Corona restrictions require me to register and take a seat which I can’t choose. But choosing is essential to get closer to the subjects.

  • #244 Continental 80

    Subtle heelpopping in Adidas sneakers

    1_xIn my little mind I thought that Adidas always has three stripes on their shoes. If not with a leather application, then at least with holes or something.

  • #245 Road To Madrid

    Birkenstock dangling on repeat

    d_xWhile the most of us are in quarantine or lockdown, no one can forbid us to do daydreams at home.
    Originally I have planned to visit Spain in December, but I moved this idea to 2021. I stay at home and dream of Madrid instead – more precisely dream of this blond student girl with Birkenstock Madrid’s.

  • #246 Santa Claus 2020

    The ultimate Sneakers show

    7b_xIt was four years ago when I did this crazy but fun project the last time. This year hit us very hard, almost all projects were cancelled. A few weeks ago I thought that the Santa thing would be the last chance to raise the level up and it is a project which is Corona compliant.

  • #247 Teenie Flats

    Tan colored pantyhose with white flats

    1l_xThis moment was a dream come true to capture! But at first let me tell you some words regarding the last very lonely weeks…

  • #248 Dirty Ankle Socks

    What a wonderful view in this early spring

    5a_xThe weather is going mad the last weeks. In the midth of February we had masses of snow and -15°C in Germany. Two weeks later the sun is shining, snow is gone and the temperature rises up to 20°C – totally crazy. I didn’t expect much last Thursday outside, but I got wonderful dirty white ankle socks to watch.

  • #249 New Shoes

    A student with new Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle

    3b_xThis was a moment where I didn’t thought I would find a clip. I was sitting on a wall with two friends and we were chatting about this and that. Lockdown and social distance was in place so we weren’t allowed to build groups. Our regulatory agency drove by and warned us via loudspeaker. Reminded me a bit of the “внимание внимание” scene in “Chernobyl”, absolute brilliant series by the way.

  • #250 Sandals & Nylons

    A small compilation with pantyhose in sandals

    3bxTo be fair, I know that probably some of you were expecting another thing to celebrate the 250th clip. But there is a story behind, read on please.

  • #251 Black Pantyhose In Air

    Worn flats with nylon pantyhoses are awesome!

    d_xMan, how long did I wait for this? It felt like ages. Long cold winter, long cold Covid, long cold whatever – I remember whining about the fact that I only got to see Sneakers and Birkenstocks. Flats? Rare.

  • #252 Puma Carina Dip

    White socks in white sneakers short before sundown

    8_xIt was a very warm day and I visited the Rhine river. I had my board with me and wanted to get a bit of fresh air, so I drove a round through the city. By chance I saw this pretty lady in her 20ies dipping her feet.

  • #253 Playful Soles

    Bare soles with champagne Birkenstock Madrid

    1_xGet it if you can. That’s the motto in my recent months. You all know that I don’t like Birkenstocks very much, but I’m thankful for such joyful moments anyway.

  • #254 Hunting High And Low

    Pink Burlington socks with red flats

    4_xI can’t really explain what this means to me. Somehow there are many triggers in my life which came together when I discovered this girl in her 20ies, but what I can say is that I was hopelessly excited and nervous.

  • #255 Good Old Times

    Nylon pantyhose and flats at a trade fair

    k_xLast week I stumbled upon this clip and wondered why I haven’t released it sooner. I have a large amount of unreleased clips, good at some point, but quite useless when they don’t enter the game.

  • #256 Stinky Flats


    d_xAt least the majority of us like the smell of trashed and well worn flats, especially in summer, when the girls are wearing them barefoot the whole time.

  • #257 Dangling Up Front

    In your face, b*tch!

    a_xMost of candid clips are captured from behind or from the side. This is quite common, as it is much easier to hide the camera. The level up is definitely a scene from the front, this is much more difficult and quite dangerous.

  • #258 Nike AF1 Sage Low

    Goodbye to 2021!

    6a_xThis year comes to an end. Finally… As I said in my Christmas article at fussphantasie, this wasn’t the year I was expecting. But the good thing is, we have some light at the end of the tunnel. At least this winter feels different and not so lonely for me than the last one.

  • #259 Peekatoe

    I have already named a clip Peek-A-Boo, so yeah…

    3_xDo you know this game for little babies? Peekaboo or in German “Guck Guck”? Hide your face with your hands and whimsically smiling while removing them? All babies love it. And all foot guys love it when a girl slips out of her flats and shows us her toes.

  • #260 School Girl Sandals

    White ankle socks with Adiletten

    4_xI’ve searched the web but I could not find a fitting translation for the German word “Adiletten”. This is a combination of Adidas and Sandalette (sandal).

  • #261 Barefoot In Pumps

    Pumps with high heels, this is quite rare in my town

    b2_xMaybe it’s just me and I overlook this most of the time, but I almost never see shoeplay in pumps when I’m in the city. The shopping streets aren’t comfortable for walking in shoes with high heels because they have cobble stone pavement and I guess this is no coincidence.

  • #262 Ugly Shoes

    …but a fascinating and awesome nylon shoeplay!

    5_xSometimes I don’t really know what to write when I publish a clip. Often the pictures are telling much more of a story than words, but in this case I need to explain some of the context.

  • #263 A Teasing Job

    Birkenstock *yawn*

    1bBlabla you know I don’t like Birkenstocks bla repeating my words bla but this time bla haunting bla so yeah.

  • #264 Bus Stop 2

    Heavenly sweaty and abused socks

    9_xEvery once in a while I’m stumbling over some shoeplay totally by accident. I was on my way home and saw this young girl sitting and waiting in the corner of my eye. In general our busses are scheduled to drive every 10 minutes, but this bus came too late.

  • #265 Impossible Mission

    I just wanted to get a picture…

    8a2_xFirst of all, sorry for the massive delays in everything. Covid has knocked me down completely and I’m still recovering. Will get to every mail and registration soon. Stay safe guys, can’t emphasize this enough.

  • #266 Swapping Flats

    Nylon pantyhose in flats is always a win

    b_xThe last few years weren’t the best for flats lovers. Naturally the modern fashion changes from time to time and yes, flats became less popular unless you looked at very young girls.

  • #267 Slovenian Dangle

    Socks in dangling sneakers are quite rare until…

    c_x…the girl is wearing Salomon TA shoes, which are able to lower the back and can be used as kind of slippers. I didn’t know that these shoes exist, I’ve learned it after capturing the clip. Techamphibian 4, thank you Google.

  • #268 Goodbye Summer Socks

    I’m in love with those dirty soles!

    db2_xBefore we come to the pretty girl with her dirty white ankle socks, I want to tell a little story. This is completely irrelevant to the shoeplay, but you will understand my WTFs I went through while capturing.

  • #269 Mommy’s Dirty Feet

    ba2_xSorry guys, I’m still not recovered yet. That’s why I have asked ChatGPT to “write a few sentences about mommy’s dirty feet”. The result was the following:

  • #270 Italian Girly Flats

    3_xIt is a long time since I’ve posted my last socks and flats clip here. Mostly because I know that I’m a die hard fan of this combination but not so many of you are. Nevertheless, I have plenty of those clips unreleased, so now it is time again.

  • #271 Sneaker Dangle

    2_xI just almost spilled out my coffee bursting in laughter… Please don’t judge me, but I asked ChatGPT again to tell a short story involving white sneakers, bare feet and red toe nails with some dangling action. Here is what I got:

  • #272 Rubbing The Pole

    c_xWhite flats with dirty ped socks is always a good combination. In this case I was outside with Ruth, a good friend of mine. She has assisted in some projects for fussphantasie, so she clearly knows what I’m doing.
    And as I almost never go outside without a camera – just to be prepared – Ruth doesn’t ask questions.

  • #273 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 5

    After 4 long years of drought I’m back in the stores!

    32b_xIf there is one thing I’ve missed in Covid times the most, then it is strolling around in shoe stores and hunting for girls trying on new shoes, get a glance of dirty and sweaty socks and the bare feet.

  • #274 Flappy Mom

    You want Birkenstocks? Here they are.

    3_xaWhen searching for a good title for this clip, I had to smile. I don’t know if this is a special genre of dangling when the protagonist is clapping her shoe rapidly against her heel.

  • #275 The Socks Stalker

    Hunting down the sandals again

    1_xYou know, I have a strange passion for those rude teen girls, especially when they are wearing sneaker socks in sandals. This time I was hooked by pinkish socks with fluffy Bench sandals.

  • #276 Dangling Boots

    Dangling and dipping in boots is rare, but in summer it is double rare!

    ca_x2I remember a guy who had asked me if I own any boots dangling stuff. In general I have almost everything you can imagine but in this case I had to say no. Until now.

  • #277 Wiggling Nylon Feet

    Nylon ped socks in the wild

    3a_xLast week I searched in my long list of unreleased clips and stumbled upon this beauty. As this is mainly a shoeplay site, I haven’t tagged clips without shoeplay in the first place, but there are so many hidden gems.

  • #278 Summer Gym LR

    Never say never to locker rooms!

    Six years ago I did a so called “once in a lifetime” project and honestly I thought and told everyone that I won’t ever do this again. But here we are…

    dd2_xIt was a warm summer night, I was sitting at the Rhine river and thought of the Gym Locker Room clip which I did in winter of early 2017. Many things have changed since then, especially the clothes and shoe style of the girls.

  • #279 Ukrainian BK Giggle

    Teen girls airing their socks out at Burger King

    2a_xOh dear. Had I known this before, I would have ordered a drink or two. It was a saturday afternoon, I was in the center of my town when it suddenly started to rain quite heavily.

  • #280 Business Girl

    Flats, Nylon Peds and a beautiful young woman

    4_xThis is kind of a video request. I have a friend who is continuously asking if I have clips with ped socks in my catalog. As there is almost nothing I don’t have, this was quite an easy wish to fulfill.

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