The Christmas Dangler

A very special christmas gift for all of you

People who know me are used to free stuff I share at christmas. I don’t like christmas at all, but I like to keep this tradition alive, this is much fun.

5aWhen I dig around my hard drives, I find a lot of stuff which hasn’t made to a full photo series at fussphantasie, mostly sock photos of my models. But for cc-feet I had to find another idea. The first idea came to me like a fortune, because I filmed a very pretty girl at a shopping mall who was dangling with her nylon socks.

2The funny part was, that there was a christmas tree in the background, so I considered this as the best clip for christmas I could ever get. Thanks to you, wonderful long brown haired girl :)

She was sitting on a bench and listening to music with her earbuds. I think she was a shop assistant doing a rest from her work.


This is a full clip free for you to download mates! Get the HD-version, over 10 minutes long and enjoy the beauty and her shoeplay with her flats.

download free clip

But this isn’t all I have for you!

I searched through my hard drives and captured screenshots of many unreleased clips. This is a mix of all kind of feet, from teen to mature, with flats, high heels, nylons, socks and barefoot for sure!

cc-feet-com_36   cc-feet-com_49

cc-feet-com_26   cc-feet-com_70

You may download the archive and I ask you to share the pictures to wherever you want to. This will help me to continue capturing more wonderful clips for you.

download free pictures

Thanks for your outstanding support in the first year of cc-feet.com - I wish you all a merry x-mas, enjoy the feet and spread the word! Yours, MDR.