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CC-FEET.COM – The Trailer

Candid Cam Feet, socks and nylons forever

So, this is our start! Watch the beautiful trailer of a hell lot of feet in different locations, which will now be a part of every single video you download.

There was a time when I wondered, why no one really puts any efforts in making a candid foot clip to something which we want to love and celebrate. Too many shaky mobile phone clips, YouTube deletions because of “violent content” (haha), static borders of a bag with a camera hidden in it…

Hell, I do love feet since I am a 5yrs old little guy, so why not take the chance to create something new? The next step? To laugh out loud that we do love what we see? Those wonderful girls with the catching moments of losing their thoughts while dipping and playing with their feet? Ahh.

Enjoy this trailer, enjoy this website, open your mind and let us dance to the shaky music of Vanderway, who luckily grants the permission to use his song.