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#223 Adidas Sandals Voyeurism

Sometimes the clichés simply fit Before I’ll tell the story: This is not a shoeplay clip in the common sense, rather a product of voyeurism and lewdness. Now that the facts are clear, I should mention that I have a strange passion for those plastic Adidas sandals in every fashion. Gladly they became fame in […]


#130 Sweet Toe Play

Cherry on ice A blonde in her late 20ies with elegant sandals caught my attention. To be honest, I am not so much the barefoot and sandals fan. Personally I prefer the hidden things, which stimulate my fantasy, but this blond girl was nice to watch.


#127 Hot Ankle Socks

34° C It was so warm that I hardly understand, why girls wear socks in flats. No joke, it was 34° outside and I even considered staying under my ceiling ventilator. Glad I did not, because I discovered white ankle socks in white flats. Rather I saw the heels as the girl played with her […]