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#183 The Hostess Trilogy

Two days the same pantyhose I dared almost too much, but it was worth it. Now I’m the weirdo forever or so… Where should I begin to tell the story? You know, motorshows are a rather good place to capture some shoeplay. Not that wonderland as one would guess, but there are usually one or […]


#178 Dirty Disney Dream

“Oh no, not socks and flats again!” Sure! I love them, especially when the socks are dirty. Well, I could copy and paste some intro text from another clip here, because my passion stays the same, forever. When I see girls in flats with dirty socks, I could die. Almost.


#175 Dancing Flats

The power of a Boosted Board There are some moments where technology and feet fit perfectly together. Granted, I need to explain something. For a few weeks I own a Boosted Board clone. Mainly I wanted it as a remote camera dolly, but the nice side effect is to be able to cruise through the […]


#167 Heelpop Flats

Coffee & Milk Normally the colours are the other way round, now we have black socks with white flats. Yes, I know, some of you hate me now. Because of socks in flats… Personally I love them. Especially when it is not the standard, as we’ve seen so often.


#166 Flats & Thick Feet

Fiction vs. Reality I know that I’ll touch taboos with these kind of clips. Related to recent studies, almost every 2nd adult is overweight. Teens tend to gain more and more weight in their younger years, the percentage is around 20-30% Seemingly this is an accepted fact in our culture and generation. But why are […]