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#89 Breathless Dangling

This is pure awesomeness Even in winter you’ll get astonishing shoeplay if you walk around with open eyes. Man, this is a moment when I’d like to talk with superlatives, or at least I’d like to raise the language limits. I was in a shopping mall. Actually I wanted to go to a shoe store […]


#34 Barefoot Neon Flats

Poor girl with wounds What happens  if a girl wears tight plastic flats with bare feet? Yes, she will get blisters at her heels. This girl here seemed uncomfortable… She was suffering for us, you can say. This end-teen girl wore those neon ballerinas far too long, so she HAD TO pop out her heels […]


#18 White Strap Flats

My cam ran out of battery One of these days when I’d like to kick against trash cans or something. I saw a pretty brunette, barefeet in her white well worn flats, really good. I captured the girl at one of my favorite places outside, where she was sitting with two friends. One had red […]


#07 Blue Flats Bare Feet

Lean back and get ready for a foot thriller Do you know what I like the most? It is not simple shoeplay, it is the tension, eagerly waiting for the next thrill moment. Will the toes pop out again? This turkish girl was on shopping tour with her family. Packed with many bags, they sat […]