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#12 The Birkenstock Bakery Girl

Feet in socks and Birkenstocks at work Do you want to know a dirty little secret? I love bakery girls. Don’t know why, I even wrote a story about one and this is following me for years, read on. The whole clips until today (and many more I have on my hard drive) were shot […]


#05 Moccasin Shoeplay Heaven

This! Well, sometimes one word is enough to describe everything. Fantastic shoeplay of a girl with white sneaker socks in gold-green moccasins. You know, if you are wandering around, you have to decide where to stop and start capturing. I watched this girl eating ice cream with her girlfriend and if I had a sixth […]


#04 Asian Shoe Swap

You will almost always miss this Think of a scene, you say “hey cool” and then something really surprising happens. So had I when I was focused on those sneaker socks. There is a crossing in my town, where tourists sit on beton seats and have a rest from sightseeing. At that day I saw […]


#01 White Ped Socks In The Grass

Let the sock fantasy begin. Instantly! Early summer last year I checked my new camera and saw a pretty girl with white peds and red Keds lying around the meadow at a lake. This is one of my thunderstorm moments when I look around, listen to some music and suddenly get my eyes on some […]