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#119 Ankle Socks Exposed

Yummy sweaty socks There was no second to consider, if I capture this or not. When I’m walking around and see some light socks from a young girl, I won’t wait and see. I instantly grab a chair while the camera is already running.


#115 Super Smeary Toes

“Lick us” they said Insane detailed documentary how sweaty toes look like, when a girl worked the whole day walking on her feet. This was one of my golden moments again. Walking by, I saw this pretty brown haired girl sitting outside. She was barefoot and got rid of her plimsoles, playing with her toes.


#113 Puma With Peds

Got it by accident Normally you won’t see socks in these type of shoes. When girls are wearing ped socks, often you will not see them but think the girls are barefoot. In this case I was observing another girl on the street and had much luck that I discovered the young dark haired woman […]


#100 Anniversary Nylons

The 100th clip! One hundred is a very special number, right? So let’s celebrate! Long time I thought about what to do when we reach the number 100. Sometimes there is a coincidence so that I don’t have to dig deeper, so was Christmas. But this time it was more difficult, spring is starting but […]


#84 Barefoot Sisters

Dirty soles Girls with sneakers or plimsoles don’t do shoeplay in public very often, but these sisters had much fun obviously. The situation: A large family was eating ice cream. Mom and dad with four kids, three girls and a baby boy. The oldest two sisters were sitting in front of me, one had green […]