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#33 High School Pantyhose

The most beautiful drug “Hey girls, do you take a rest?” – “Yes, we have been walking all the day right now!” -┬áThat’s what they said… I was recording some sneakers without any shoeplay and wanted to stop, until those high school students took the seat right beneath the place I was standing. They threw […]


#31 Heelpopping Hostess

Pop me in and pop me out Two pretty hostesses had an information booth on the street. The blonde with a tan pantyhose, the brunette had black tights. It was warm outside. One of those days where many people were in town, because it was very warm and sunny. I lingered around and discovered two […]


#30 Orange Tights Dangle

Incredible Dipping Detail Man, this is high level shoeplay! A Filipina with an opaque orange pantyhose and elegant flats was airing out her sweaty feet and dipped herself into heaven. From far away I saw this girl sitting on a rock wall and discovered that she had her feet standing on her shoes, so I […]


#04 Asian Shoe Swap

You will almost always miss this Think of a scene, you say “hey cool” and then something really surprising happens. So had I when I was focused on those sneaker socks. There is a crossing in my town, where tourists sit on beton seats and have a rest from sightseeing. At that day I saw […]