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#179 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 2

What’s your flava? Al Bundy strikes back again. At least I put myself into his virtual costume and captured 21 girls in different stores. This sounds so fucking easy: “I captured lalala girls…” I think no one can imagine how difficult it is to hide the camera, get the right exposure and most important a […]


#163 Icy

Sometimes my titles really make sense A pretty young girl was licking ice cream and played with icy colored linen shoes. I really don’t know, maybe someone can help me? Are those shoes plimsoles? Plimsolls? Sneakers? In Germany we’d call them “Turnschuhe”, but that’s a whole range of shoes and most of us don’t care […]


#162 Torn Plimsoles

Those sneakers are short before their EOL If you see those soles, you might imagine how old the shoes are and how the smell will be inside. Two pretty girls in their 20ies sat at a table outside and were drinking some beer. They spoke English and for tourists it is common that they taste […]


#154 Peds In Keds

Super awesome shoeplay This is one of those clips, you’ll only get once in a while. The leaves were falling from the trees, one of the last days in November and rather warm outside for this season. I walked along my favorite streets and saw this pretty darn good looking Asian girl dipping inside her […]