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#07 Blue Flats Bare Feet

Lean back and get ready for a foot thriller Do you know what I like the most? It is not simple shoeplay, it is the tension, eagerly waiting for the next thrill moment. Will the toes pop out again? This turkish girl was on shopping tour with her family. Packed with many bags, they sat […]


#06 Nylon Flats Blonde

Kebap eating while streching the arch of the foot Shoeplay is nothing you can tell someone to do. The best scenes happen when the girls don’t think about it, just like this blond mid-20yrs beauty. On one of my trips I wanted to take a rest and in the corner of my eye I suddenly […]


#05 Moccasin Shoeplay Heaven

This! Well, sometimes one word is enough to describe everything. Fantastic shoeplay of a girl with white sneaker socks in gold-green moccasins. You know, if you are wandering around, you have to decide where to stop and start capturing. I watched this girl eating ice cream with her girlfriend and if I had a sixth […]