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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #97 Barefoot Heaven

    I had to stop

    Guess you see a wonderful shoeplay show and can’t stand to capture anymore…

    5aMaybe this is a “first world problem” I have, because I capture so many clips in countless hours, but this is a thing I don’t experience very often. I had to go.


  • #96 Turquoise Flats

    The hell is freezing

    Our eyes are often separated by our mind it seems. At least this applies to me.

    1aSometimes it is difficult to decide, if I put a clip up to the store, but this one is too good for keeping it. I don’t want to lose many words on this, watch the pictures and go for it.


  • #95 Hostess Toes

    Shiny Pantyhose

    Things you will see at a motorshow: Tall girls with nylons and pumps, eye candy.

    5abYes, this is another motorshow clip I took short time ago. When winter comes, you have to deal with those weather conditions and have to look for alternatives. The show was one of them.


  • #94 Sneaker Soles

    Awesome pantyhose dipping

    This girl must have some glue at her toes, at least I think so.

    1aConsider you are watching a girl almost two hours long while she is doing some astonishing dipping in her sneakers, but she never ever leaves her shoes. This drove me crazy, literally.


  • #93 Wedge Pumps Pantyhose

    Long Toes

    Normally elder women would wear such pumps, but this is a student in her 20ies.

    a2A brown haired girl with a bob cut was standing in the shopping street outside. It was sunny but fresh, so she had a coat over her skirt. Under her dress she wore a thin tan nylon pantyhose and some leather wedge pumps in bordeaux.


  • #92 Shoeplay With Fries

    Barefoot dangling and dipping

    Some places in my town are ideal for tourists. You can visit the historic center, walk around, get some french fries and make a rest.

    5aSo did this young girl and her family. They were sitting on a bench, enjoyed the last sunbeams in November and I enjoyed the black flats and barefoot shoeplay of Ms. Princess.


  • #91 Dirty Socks Show

    A fortune

    This will happen when you won’t think about it. A rule for many things in life.

    2baI was walking around on my way to my home and buying some things, when I met a guy from my club where I am working regularly. We talked about photo cameras, nothing special. But then I discovered a dirty socked foot in my eye’s corner!


  • #90 College Student Hostess

    One day at a furniture trade show

    Granted, I am not so into trade shows. I hate the masses in those large areas and I’m often losing my orientation. But ok, there are pretty hostesses…

    3aI wandered around for hours and saw many beautiful girls there, my eyes got caressed, but there was not much shoeplay to capture. Either it was too dark (sleeping room area haha), but most of the time there wasn’t simply any possibility.


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