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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #171 The Art Of Shoeplay

    Oh! My! God!

    Dirty white ped socks meet cheap trashed ballerina flats. This combination alone is awesome, but the girl gave me double chills.

    kaGuys, we have to talk! You know I do this site for over two years now. The shoeplay scene is a niche, not every one loves this, but the ones who do are fans of the real world. No staged lollipops and red balloons, but the awesomeness of the women and girls around us.


  • #170 Bottom Right

    This title has a double meaning

    Shoutbox users demanded this clip and I’m happy to deliver this awesome barefoot shoeplay for you!

    5aRecently I asked you which clip you’d like to see next. This preview thumbnail was on the bottom right position, so you get the first meaning. The second: This girl with somewhat small feet sat right in front of me and her feet were – guess – in the bottom right corner of my eyes.


  • #169 sneakernylonplay

    Constantly moving feet

    Did anyone say that only teen girls do much shoeplay? In general you are right, but this awesome woman teaches us the opposite.

    gfaTo say it short: Sometimes I beg to heaven that a shoeplay scene stops. Why? Because I can’t deal with it for such a long time when I’m so excited. Normally you capture half an hour or more, watch some longer boring scenes and wait for the next mini climax. But what if the whole capture is one large climax without an interruption?


  • #168 Awesome Nylon Girl

    Crazy as hell

    When it comes to nylon pantyhose plus light colored trashed flats, I lose my mind regularly.

    9aSo it was on this day. I walked around the very crowded town and saw a group of people sitting at a table on the sidewalk. There were two girls, one I couldn’t really see, but the other had those mentioned combination of ballerina flats and a nylon pantyhose.


  • #167 Heelpop Flats

    Coffee & Milk

    Normally the colours are the other way round, now we have black socks with white flats.

    6aYes, I know, some of you hate me now. Because of socks in flats… Personally I love them. Especially when it is not the standard, as we’ve seen so often.


  • #166 Flats & Thick Feet

    Fiction vs. Reality

    I know that I’ll touch taboos with these kind of clips.

    1aRelated to recent studies, almost every 2nd adult is overweight. Teens tend to gain more and more weight in their younger years, the percentage is around 20-30%
    Seemingly this is an accepted fact in our culture and generation.
    But why are “real” clips only showing thin and model-esque girls?


  • #165 Standing Whole Day

    Poor woman had hot and sweaty feet

    The moment when I got so thrilled that I’d rather drop the cam

    eaWe have an organisation in town for which members do advertising on the street. They are standing for hours at different places and smile to the crowd. Always kind and friendly people,  with a slightly conservative clothing, but many pretty girls.


  • #164 Nervous Pantyhose

    I love clamping toes

    Personally I get a flash when I see soles which are waving to me constantly.

    aaIt was warm outside. Too warm for wearing leather boots. The same thought had a pretty blond girl, who was sitting with two girlfriends at a table. They were enjoying cold drinks while I was standing in the sun.


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