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Welcome to CC-FEET.COM! Enjoy candid shoeplay videos in high quality you may never have seen before. Take this clip site as your new foot fetish heaven!

feet-nylons-socks-pantyhoseWe started at January 18th, the birthday of our sister site, with the guarantee of regular updates at least once a week.
Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often.

Watch our latest video clips:

  • #33 High School Pantyhose

    The most beautiful drug

    “Hey girls, do you take a rest?” – “Yes, we have been walking all the day right now!” - That’s what they said…

    1aI was recording some sneakers without any shoeplay and wanted to stop, until those high school students took the seat right beneath the place I was standing. They threw their flats off and put their hosed feet onto the chairs. Wow…


  • #32 Sweaty Sock Play

    Being sporty makes socks dampy

    Three wonderful pretty young girls took a rest on a small wall and two of them put their in-line skates off, the other had Nike’s on her feet.

    3This is the time when I’d just like to lie down on the ground to see feet from underneath. Two girls were skating but needed to take their shoes off. Obviously their socks were wet.


  • #31 Heelpopping Hostess

    Pop me in and pop me out

    Two pretty hostesses had an information booth on the street. The blonde with a tan pantyhose, the brunette had black tights. It was warm outside.

    One of those days where many peop72ale were in town, because it was very warm and sunny. I lingered around and discovered two very pretty hostesses who distributed information material. Both with skirt, flats and pantyhose.


  • #30 Orange Tights Dangle

    Incredible Dipping Detail

    Man, this is high level shoeplay! A Filipina with an opaque orange pantyhose and elegant flats was airing out her sweaty feet and dipped herself into heaven.

    2aFrom far away I saw this girl sitting on a rock wall and discovered that she had her feet standing on her shoes, so I walked over and sat down right beneath her.


  • #29 Asian Sugar Pop Toes

    Double the cam, double the fun

    With this clip I start a new style of filming, because I used two HD cameras in parallel. The balls get bigger (the better).

    9aI saw this young asian girl sitting there, eating ice cream and watching an interview sequence on the street. She was cross-legged and her barefoot toes poked in the air, so I took a seat beneath her.


  • #28 Pantyhose Chucks

    Rare combination, blue jeans and black pantyhose

    Everyone has his own fantasy. In my dreams the girls often wear pantyhoses under their blue jeans. Here is one of them.

    4aThis very pretty girl around 18yrs old sat with her girlfriend outside of a café and drank her coffee. She had long brown hair, a bounded braid, blue jeans with a very large hole over her knee – and a thin black pantyhose under it.


  • #27 A Whiff Of Dirt

    Imagination is everything

    Do you know that? You see a wonderful foot show, but there is no f***ing possibility to start capturing? I almost cried.

    2This girl sat at a table with her girlfriend and was moving her dirty nyloned toes slowly around. I was freezed and astonished, but there was no damn free place around her to film this.


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