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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #159 Get A Sniff

    Socked feet waving to you

    Two pretty girls lay on the lawn and were airing out their hot soles.

    faI guess I have to do this every spring: Capture a nice sock scene in the sun. This is a shoeplay site, but there are many of us who like to watch socked soles from pretty girls, so here is version 2016.


  • #158 Pure Flats Dangling

    Tip tapping

    This woman could dangle her flats the whole time without interruption.

    1aOne of those days again. I just started to walk around my favourite places and saw this woman in her early 30ies sitting with two elder women outside. They were resting, enjoying their drinks and smoked some cigarettes.


  • #157 Converse Popper

    Finally, Happy New Year!

    Spring starts with pretty ankle socks and Chucks, now the feet come out again.

    6bThis year sun and warmth came late, so I went to trade fairs and such. But deep in my heart I like to walk around outside the most, because there are so many things to see. Plus there is light. For a night time worker this is essential.


  • #156 Mature Toe Wiggle

    As requested…

    This is a special kind of clip, because it serves a niche. Mature nylon toes airing out!

    4aI had to smile a bit the last days, because someone requested “moar toes, moar nylons, moar nail polish and faceshot man!” – As if this site lacks this, but that’s another story. So yeah, here it is: Toes, nylon socks and nail polish.


  • #155 Ebony Dipping

    Dark bare feet

    Even a fly sucked at her sole…

    4aMost of the ebony shoeplay clips I see at American sites. Probably this is, because there are more Africans or Latinos than here in Germany. In my hometown there is a large Turkish population, so yeah, maybe this explains the distribution of shoeplay clips.


  • #154 Peds In Keds

    Super awesome shoeplay

    This is one of those clips, you’ll only get once in a while.

    7aThe leaves were falling from the trees, one of the last days in November and rather warm outside for this season. I walked along my favorite streets and saw this pretty darn good looking Asian girl dipping inside her Keds.


  • #153 Trade Fair Dipper

    Tasty nylons

    I visited this booth two times.

    4aaThat day I was at a furniture trade show. To be honest, not that show where you’d expect much shoeplay. This lady in her 30ies was sitting at a wooden table with a laptop and had a nylon pantyhose with leather loafers at her feet.


  • #152 Licky Licky

    Abracadabra me say Open Sesame

    Sorry for the title, mates, but Leila K. came to my mind when I rendered the clip of those gorgeous toes in black moccasins.

    baYeah, toes, right. Dirty, sweaty and sticky toes fresh out of a pair of leather moccasins. Waving to you as they beg you to clean them with your mouth.


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