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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #66 Her Pantyhose Feet Hurt

    Most dangerous clip

    Oh my god, sometimes I’m just insane when capturing a heavenly shoeplay. This is one of the most daring actions I did with this nylon girl!

    2aThere is shoeplay and there is shoeplay, you know. I’m always ambitious to get the most out of the scenes the girls give me. This young and pretty blond girl was so active that I dared to lay one of my two cameras right onto the table.


  • #65 Nylon Dipping Girl

    Beautiful long toes

    This is one of my favourite styles: long second toe, nylon socks and flats. Worn by a beautiful blond girl, just awesome.

    8aThe young girl sat with her sister and some other family members at a table outside. At first I captured her from behind, but luckily I got a seat beneath her after a few minutes.


  • #64 Ped Sock Invitation

    Thank you Facebook

    I asked fans at Facebook, which clip I should do next and they have chosen this one at the top in addition to one other.

    2aTo tell the story short: A young blond mommy with her two young daughters and two guys were sitting at Burger King. Mommy had elegant flats and sweaty ped socks at her feet.


  • #63 Italian Bare Soles

    “Do more barefoot PLEASE”

    Well, I’m reading and responding in the shoutbox at the right side, you noticed it already. So, if you shout, your prayers will be answered.

    1bI chose this Italian lady to post right now, because she was a nice sole actor. Her feet were wrinkled, yellow tinted and she had a very dark red nail polish on her toes.


  • #62 Lemon Sock Girl

    Same day, two locations

    This is what I call luck. I captured a socks and flats girl, but the group left the scene too early. Two hours later I saw them at another café again by accident.

    3aAs you know I am into socks and flats, can’t explain, but this blows my mind. It is a rarely seen combination and when you see it, you can expect some wonderful shoeplay.


  • #61 Nylon Footplay

    Hole at the tip

    I love nylon socks, especially when they are trashed from heavy wearing. This young lady was airing her feet out of her leather pumps.

    6aThis is the moment we are waiting for so often: To be at the right place the right time. The lady, I suppose her to be end 20 or beginning 30, was sitting at a table with her girlfriends and had kicked her shoes off.


  • #60 Ankle Socks With Vans

    Very tasty

    Man I could have cried that day. Running around for weeks with almost only bare feet girls. Suddenly this girl in dirty socks… and a chair in front of her.

    2aThere was not only a chair in front of this scene, there was hardly any chance to capture at all because there was no goddamn place for me. All tables around were taken and the girl was sitting at the edge of the sideway. But I mangaged to do the impossible!


  • #59 Nylons And Wine

    Almost forgot this one

    We had a wine convention in our town for one week. I thought there were many shoeplayers to capture, unfortunately it was too full most of the time.

    6aBut one sunny day I was sitting there with my camera and filmed this long brown haired girl. I didn’t expect the most, dunno, but she was good in her style. Pantyhose met some kind of plimsole flats from Esprit.


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