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  • #61 Nylon Footplay

    Hole at the tip

    I love nylon socks, especially when they are trashed from heavy wearing. This young lady was airing her feet out of her leather pumps.

    6aThis is the moment we are waiting for so often: To be at the right place the right time. The lady, I suppose her to be end 20 or beginning 30, was sitting at a table with her girlfriends and had kicked her shoes off.


  • #60 Ankle Socks With Vans

    Very tasty

    Man I could have cried that day. Running around for weeks with almost only bare feet girls. Suddenly this girl in dirty socks… and a chair in front of her.

    2aThere was not only a chair in front of this scene, there was hardly any chance to capture at all because there was no goddamn place for me. All tables around were taken and the girl was sitting at the edge of the sideway. But I mangaged to do the impossible!


  • #59 Nylons And Wine

    Almost forgot this one

    We had a wine convention in our town for one week. I thought there were many shoeplayers to capture, unfortunately it was too full most of the time.

    6aBut one sunny day I was sitting there with my camera and filmed this long brown haired girl. I didn’t expect the most, dunno, but she was good in her style. Pantyhose met some kind of plimsole flats from Esprit.


  • #58 Dangling In Your Face

    Elegant sales women

    Everybody needs a rest from work. Three of those girls who sell elegant clothes, got to my table and started talking about vacation, pigeons and – clothes.

    5aI really like sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee and observing people around me. Sometimes other people share your table, this is common in a town like mine and you’ll get into a conversation very quickly. So did those girls in their 20ies.


  • #57 Black Pantyhose Soles

    Sweaty soles

    Often you don’t see hints of sweat on black nylons, but this young Turkish mommy had white prints of her feet at her soles.

    8aI wished I was her son :D For real, consider you are young and this is your mom wearing her pantyhose for days with sweaty imprints of her feet. Maybe think of her nylons in the morning, when they are dried and firm.


  • #56 School Girl Nylons

    Hyper activitiy

    School must be boring, otherwise I can’t explain why this girl did such an extensive shoeplay with her flats in nylon socks during her free time.

    8aI remember the days when I was in school. Often I was watching my class mates playing with their shoes and forgot to listen to the teacher. If only the girls would have known what they did to me.


  • #55 Asian Birkenstocks

    A good fake and a wonderful show

    Some weeks ago a fan said that this summer Birkenstocks will expect a rebirth in Germany. I laughed, but he was right!

    3aI know that Birkis are very popular in other countries such as USA or especially the Netherlands. Now they come back to us, as a  well done fake shoe at sweet Asian feet.


  • #54 Cinderella’s Dirty Toes

    Once upon a time

    …there was a pretty blond long haired girl with nylon socks at her feet. Her toes were dirty from her shoes, and as the shoes hurt, Cinderella took them off.

    9aCinderella was sitting with her prince upon a wall at the riverside, dangling her long legs down and was rubbing and playing with her toes. The whole time.


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