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Welcome to CC-FEET.COM! Enjoy candid shoeplay videos in high quality you may never have seen before. Take this clip site as your new foot fetish heaven!

feet-nylons-socks-pantyhoseWe started at January 18th, the birthday of our sister site, with the guarantee of regular updates at least once a week.
Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often.

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  • #55 Asian Birkenstocks

    A good fake and a wonderful show

    Some weeks ago a fan said that this summer Birkenstocks will expect a rebirth in Germany. I laughed, but he was right!

    3aI know that Birkis are very popular in other countries such as USA or especially the Netherlands. Now they come back to us, as a  well done fake shoe at sweet Asian feet.


  • #54 Cinderella’s Dirty Toes

    Once upon a time

    …there was a pretty blond long haired girl with nylon socks at her feet. Her toes were dirty from her shoes, and as the shoes hurt, Cinderella took them off.

    9aCinderella was sitting with her prince upon a wall at the riverside, dangling her long legs down and was rubbing and playing with her toes. The whole time.


  • #53 Socks’n Flats

    One of my favourite combination

    I like this very much and yes, I know that this is not for everyone. Flats shoeplay from a girl with dirty socks, exciting to watch.

    5aHow often did I say that? I watched a family eating some burgers. Mother with pantyhose and chucks, daughter with dirty ankle socks and flats. The rest of the family isn’t that much important for us.


  • #52 Sweaty Pantyhose

    Boner Alert

    Thrilling situations are thrilling. Sometimes I’m coming too late to record a good clip, but in this situation I got just in time. Heavenly sweaty nylons!

    3aAs so often I sat outside chilling and drinking a coffee. My eyes were wandering around, discovering nothing special. I had a good time. Don’t know why I turned my head to my back, but there she was: A blonde lady rubbing her wonderful sweaty nylon pantyhose onto her chair.


  • #51 Ped Popp

    Will she…? She does!

    Often I’m asking myself the same question when I’m sitting there and capture some feet: Will the girl do this or that? In this case she did.

    7aA beautiful young girl was sitting with another girl outside at a fast food restaurant. This is a brilliant place for capturing shoeplay, because the people frequently change.


  • #50 Dirty Nylon Dream

    The $100 Clip

    I was joking with a friend what a real mega clip must contain: I said, well, dirty nylons, trashed flats and a fantastic shoeplay. Here it is!

    daObviously I won’t charge that amount of money, but there are a few things that are highlights for me, because you won’t see this often on the street. There aren’t many girls with real sweaty, dyed and dirty nylons who do much shoeplay as well.


  • #49 Wiggle Dangler


    I tried it by myself, I can’t move my toes that long time with this speed. This woman is really awesome.

    2aMany dangling fans around the world love some loose shoes at the tip of women’s toes, especially when the girl moves her feet insanely fast.


  • #48 Socks Massage

    Dirty and sweaty

    Often I’m asking myself, why some girls are wearing socks and boots when it’s actually warm outside.

    2aThis beautiful young girl sat on a wall with two girlfriends, let one leg hanging down while she was massaging the other socked foot.


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