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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #104 Chase The Leopard

    Master class shoeplay

    What would you say if I told you that I used 4 cameras to capture this clip?

    6aIndeed, I did. Granted, the 4th camera was only a small addition, but this is the first time at this site that you will see one and only shoeplay from so many viewing angles.


  • #103 Very Dry Heels

    So young, but yet so rough

    Imagine you see a pretty blond girl who takes much care in her clothes, and then you discover that her feet are pretty rough.

    4aSo was this situation. The 20-something blond chick was sitting with a bunch of girlfriends enjoying their coffee outside. After a short time she started to pop her heels out of her flats.


  • #102 Mother & Daughter

    This one is a classic

    Everyone, who bought at least one clip or watched some of the many free clips at Youtube, will know the short scene of a lady’s pantyhose in the trailer.

    2aaYou may ask, why I didn’t post this clip earlier? I don’t know to be honest. There are so many clips and I lost this one out of sight, because I had worked on it already for the trailer.


  • #101 Sweet Wrinkles

    Young princess

    It makes me mad when I see such soles!

    1aAs so often, I was wandering around and discovered a sweet young girl who was barefoot in her flats. This is the kind of combination where I stop immediately to start the capture.


  • #100 Anniversary Nylons

    The 100th clip!

    One hundred is a very special number, right? So let’s celebrate!

    4bLong time I thought about what to do when we reach the number 100. Sometimes there is a coincidence so that I don’t have to dig deeper, so was Christmas. But this time it was more difficult, spring is starting but hasn’t established yet very well.


  • #99 Adorable MILF Pumps

    Pretty pantyhose dangling

    When mommy and daughter go outside and the lady actually outperforms her younger girl, then this is a rare but very good scene.

    1aWe are all into pantyhoses, right? At least most of us do. I saw one lady and her daughter sitting outside, both had black thin pantyhoses covered their legs. The girl had some kind of leather boots on with no shoeplay at all, but mom wore leather pumps with high heels.


  • #98 Springtime Girls

    Just socks

    Wave goodbye to the winter time and welcome the first warm sun beams in this hemisphere.

    3aGranted, the spring hasn’t arrived at the shoe ware. Yesterday was such a beautiful and warm day here, but most of the girls wore still winter shoes. Luckily we have many places to rest on the grass, and in the sun some took their shoes off.


  • #97 Barefoot Heaven

    I had to stop

    Guess you see a wonderful shoeplay show and can’t stand to capture anymore…

    5aMaybe this is a “first world problem” I have, because I capture so many clips in countless hours, but this is a thing I don’t experience very often. I had to go.


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