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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #90 College Student Hostess

    One day at a furniture trade show

    Granted, I am not so into trade shows. I hate the masses in those large areas and I’m often losing my orientation. But ok, there are pretty hostesses…

    3aI wandered around for hours and saw many beautiful girls there, my eyes got caressed, but there was not much shoeplay to capture. Either it was too dark (sleeping room area haha), but most of the time there wasn’t simply any possibility.


  • #89 Breathless Dangling

    This is pure awesomeness

    Even in winter you’ll get astonishing shoeplay if you walk around with open eyes.

    1caMan, this is a moment when I’d like to talk with superlatives, or at least I’d like to raise the language limits. I was in a shopping mall. Actually I wanted to go to a shoe store and when I was on the escalator, I saw shoes flying in the air from the corner of my eye.


  • #88 Laid-Back Flats Play

    Bon Vivant

    A relaxing shoeplay from a brunette girl in her 20ies

    9aThis is somewhat rare. Either you got only very young girls who are doing good shoeplay, or you find attractive older girls, but they won’t do much with her shoes.


  • #87 Scrunching Chick

    Italian Love

    I like Italy. Do you know that Cologne is sometimes called “the northernmost town of Italy”? Guess why…

    4bThe story begins outside. A brown haired Italian girl was sitting with her parents at a café and they wanted to enjoy something. But the heaven was grey and then dark. It began to rain, heavily.


  • #86 Popping Bling Blings

    Again, I love socks

    Many of you will probably hate me, but deep in my heart I am addicted to socks in flats, don’t know why. Especially when the socks are worn out.

    2aThis girl was sitting with her brother and some other family members outside and they were enjoying ice cream. I was enjoying her shoeplay instead. Black socks, well worn and trashy with some sparkling black flats, hmmm.


  • #85 The Nylon Gem

    Good things take time

    For weeks I have this clip on my hard drive and I waited for the right moment to release it… Do you know that? Now, New Year’s Day seems a good choice.

    6a1Maybe this isn’t the best strategy to keep good clips out of public, but in this case I started to discuss with myself. Keep this gem for me? No. Share it to everyone? Yes, but not now. Tomorrow. Next week. Maybe next month. In Autumn. Hell…


  • #84 Barefoot Sisters

    Dirty soles

    Girls with sneakers or plimsoles don’t do shoeplay in public very often, but these sisters had much fun obviously.

    9aThe situation: A large family was eating ice cream. Mom and dad with four kids, three girls and a baby boy. The oldest two sisters were sitting in front of me, one had green fake Chucks and the other black plimsoles at their feet. Both were barefoot and had dirty soles.


  • The Christmas Dangler

    A very special christmas gift for all of you

    People who know me are used to free stuff I share at christmas. I don’t like christmas at all, but I like to keep this tradition alive, this is much fun.

    5aWhen I dig around my hard drives, I find a lot of stuff which hasn’t made to a full photo series at fussphantasie, mostly sock photos of my models. But for cc-feet I had to find another idea. The first idea came to me like a fortune, because I filmed a very pretty girl at a shopping mall who was dangling with her nylon socks.


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