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Different girls, from teen to mature, in varying situations. Clips of their feet rubbing in shoes, dirty socks, pantyhose, barefoot, heels, flats, sneakers and more. Enjoy this site, open your mind, tell your friends and check back often. There will be regular updates at least once a week!

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  • #83 The Chucks Dipper

    Creepy man is watching me

    Guess there is a guy, who seems to be always behind you, when you capture some girls. And now he is right in front of your camera…

    2aBut at first, this clip is about a young brown haired girl, who was sitting outside with two girlfriends eating healthy fast food. She had short black ankle socks at her feet and was dipping in her Converse Chucks.


  • #82 Pantyhose Shoeplay

    Motorshow madness

    Get ready for the most incredible hostess I’ve seen at a motorshow. What she did with her feet was insane, almost constantly playing with her shoes.

    8aThis brown haired girl was completely dressed in black with leggings and a tan pantyhose. She tried to acquire customers for a membership of a german automobile club and was running around the hall.


  • #81 Mature Toes And Tights

    Zoom! Zomg!!

    You won’t get any closer, I promise. This is some unbelievable detail, because you can count the stitches of this opaque tights worn by a wonderful lady.

    8aOne of the days I was strolling around the city, my view on the ground until I saw some toes outside of wedged sling pumps. A mature Italian lady was drinking coffee with her girlfriends.


  • #80 Santa Claus

    The weirdest shit… but you’ll love it

    Have you ever dreamed of girl’s shoes which lie in staircases in front of closed doors? Sweaty sneakers or trashed flats?

    9lThere are many people who take off their shoes in front of the door of their flats. Either they were smelly or at least dirty, but often well worn. Now this is not very common, so you need to have luck. Or the very largest balls ever…


  • #79 Pantyhose Ballerinas

    Pictures like a painting

    Some clips seem as they are not filmed but photographed. I love the game of focus and depth of field, especially when the focus is on some flats shoeplay.

    5aThis is the clip of one of the most liked photos at my facebook fan page. I asked the fans what they would like to see and over time this pretty brunette got the most votes. Shoeplay in black flats with a tan pantyhose.


  • #78 Dirty Heelpop Madness


    I can’t stand watching this for long, otherwise I would throw a load in my pants, take this for real. Guess, how controlled I had to be to capture steadily.

    2a2This young girl in her late teen years was busy with her girlfriends and some other people I don’t know, sorry that I concentrated my focus on her bare feet and her wonderfully trashed and dirty white flats.


  • #77 Endless Thai Dipping

    Skill level: Asian

    It was one of those boring days where I wanted to go home, but stopped when I saw this pretty young Asian girl with a thin tan pantyhose and flats.

    8aGood things always happen if you don’t think about it. I was on the road for hours and decided to walk right to my car, when I suddenly discovered a nylon heel popping outside of its ballerinas.


  • #76 Shoe Store Compilation

    10 different girls

    Did you ever wish to be like Al Bundy? I did, and every time I visit a shoe store, it feels like a mesmerizing adventure for me.

    2xThis is a test balloon now, because I don’t know if or how this kind of clip is accepted by you. Personally I like to visit shoe stores and almost every time I see the girls slipping out of their shoes, I want to lie down on the floor.


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